Drawing into Nature: Discovering the Art of Presence

Do you hear yourself say “I can't switch off”?

In this busy day and age it’s not uncommon to feel overwhelmed, stressed and out of touch with ourself and our surroundings. We struggle or forget how to be just ‘present’.

Welcome to ‘Drawing into nature’, a class that gives you a chance to stop and reconnect with your calm present self (yes you have it!). In this class we will learn how to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature using a combination of meditation and zen drawing as a simple, fun and therapeutic way to become present and dissolve life’s problems.

What to Expect:

Hi my name is Samsang, I have had many years of teaching meditation and I am a qualified art teacher. Under my gentle guidance, in a calming ambiance of a natural setting (yes drawing outside whatever the weather), I will show you the joys of zen drawing (no art experience or drawing skills needed) and you will complete your own zen drawing which you can take home. All materials will be provided.

Highlights of the Workshop:

*Note: No artistic talent or experience is required—No meditation experience needed.

- Give yourself a chance to STOP and reconnect with your calm present self (yes you have it!)

- Learn how to dissolve stress through meditative drawing techniques

- Create your own tranquil sketches, with guidance and support throughout the process

- Experience the restorative benefits of quiet observation while connecting with like-minded individuals

What to bring:

  • Bring comfortable clothes appropriate for outside weather
  • Bring something to sit on like a mat or picnic blanket
  • Wear old clothes as it could get muddy and art materials may stain
  • You may want to bring a sketchbook
  • Note: Art materials will be provided at no extra cost

Join us and reserve your spot today!

Time: 9 am - 10.30 am

Dates: first three Mondays of the month

Class Cost: £15 per person / £40 for 3 Classes

Class and Sketchbook: £20 for class and a sketchbook / £45 for 3 classes and a sketchbook


  • Please book online prior to the class

What you need:

  • choose the class and Sketchbook option or bring a sketchbook
  • All other materials are included in the prices above.
  • Boots or wellies and Waterproofs if the weather is poor
  • Yoga mat or camping chair

Important: Anyone under the age 18 must be accompanied by an adult and have been agreed by me before booking.

Location: Meet everyone at Rusper Village shops then the group will walk 10 mins to the chosen spot for the class.

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