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This is prefect for someone like a beautician or therapist who would like clients to book appointments online. it show how to you can change the price and time for each session and have it on one calendar to insure you do not double book your time.

Before you start you need to have woocommerce installed on your site. Also you need to have installed the bookings extension...

  1. In your WordoPress dashboard go to bookings (under Woocommerce products)
  2.  Go to "Resources"

3. Click on add new resource: the resource can be shared between bookable products. This will make sense later. Give the calendar a name like e.g. "Bob's Calendar"

4. Click "Add range" put in the bookable times and dates or days that you are available

5. Click publish to save

Now you are going to add your services as a product that can be bookable.

6. Go to products and add new product

7. Give your Product a name for example "1 hour initial consultation"

8. In Product Data change to Bookable product click has resources and add the duration of time in hours days or minutes

9. Click on resources and link your calendar by selecting it in the drop-down menu and click on add link . In Resources are... choose  Automatically assigned

10. In Base cost add the total cost of the service. Leave the block cost at 0.00

11. Then publish

Add as many services to the same shared calendar (resource) by creating more bookable products in exactly the same way as steps 6 - 11