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Wondered what the big deal is about Google Console? And spending hours trying to verify your site with no success. Scared of the thought of using FileZilla and on the point of giving up. Well don't! IT IS EASY !!!! Whats more Google Console can help you with analyzing your sites activity. Basically seeing who is checking you out, what pages they are clicking on and what search terms they have used to find your site. Yes its an SEO essential.


If you have read any of my other SEO help topics you would have probably installed Yoast by now. If you have not then you will need to install SEO Yoast. It is free and is an SEO essential.

How to install Yoast

  1. go to your wordpress dashboard > plugins > add new
  2. in the search area, search for Yoast SEO
  3. Add and activate

How to verify your website

  1. login to your gmail email first (google webmaster, analytics and console all use your gmail account username and password as the administrator)
  2. Sign in to google console  in a new tab keeping your WordPress dashboard open
  3. Add your site to the console by clicking on the red 'add new property' button
  4. Add your website address (URL) into the pop up box

5. It will ask to verify your site

6. click on alternate method tab > html tag option > and copy the text in between the " copy the code". You do not need all the code (see highlighted section in the image below)

7. In Wordpress dashboard go to SEO and Dashboard > webmaster tools

8. Paste the code into the Google Search Console box > Save changes

9. Go to your Google Console and click Verify to verify your site


Note: Now your website is verified it will take some days for the console to gain history.