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If you have added your website to Google Console and verified your site, you then need to add a site map. This is how ...

For this tutorial you will need to have added your site to Google Console. You will also need the SEO YOAST Plugin activated on your website.

  1. Open your Wordpress Dashboard
  2. Yoast generates a sitemap of your site for you. You will need to find the url of the sitemap. Go to SEO> XML Sitemaps > and click on the link 'xml sitemap'

  3. Copy the last part of  this URL (do not include your site address) e.g.  mywebsite.com/sitemap_index.xml you would take just the last part sitemap_index.xml

4. Go to your Google Console (use your gmail settings to enter)

5. If you have more than one site in your Console make sure you have selected the right website that you want to add the sitemap

6. Go to crawl > sitemaps

7. Click the red button ADD SITEMAP on the top right

8. In the box paste the URL sitemap_index.xml 

9. Click test first to check everything is working and then submit


Can not find the XML Sitemap option in Yoast Menu?

Don't worry here is a quick video of how to make it appear, as if by magic ...