WEBSITE SUPPORT | If you have a problem email me with:

1 Description of the problem
2 A URL link of the page
3 & if possible a screen shot

If it is urgent contact your Hosting company & ask to revert the website to its latest working version & text me!


TEXT - 07763493061
EMAIL - samsang@thetshed.co.uk


Your hosting company has a server which is like a big house that is divided into flats. Each flat has its own space and the bigger the flat the more you can fit in it. When you buy hosting it is like renting a flat, and the flat is where your website parts, pictures, pages etc lives.

What is a domain name or URL?

The domain name or URL (www.mycompany.com) is the address to which you and others can find the flat / website. 

How do I know what web hosting company to use?

There are many hosting companies that offer great deals on web hosting.

If you are wanting a WordPress site then ask if they support it.

Some companies actually supply you with hosting, domain name and WordPress already installed.

Although it doesn’t make much of a difference if your hosting is in another country to your own, it can make a slight time delay and can cause problems with search engines when looking for localised sites.

Also look to see how they support their clients.

Most have a “submit a ticket” system and although they usually get back to you quickly, if you are unsure of the jargon and you are not a geek you may not know what you are asking for.

Personally I prefer hosting companies that have a telephone help line.

It is always good to use a company that is recommended.

My Best Recommendation

Over the last five years I have had some clients with hosting with different companies.

And I can honestly say that the best web hosting company that is in the UK has to be Vidhost - by far!

They are the kindest, fastest and hardworking support team that I have ever worked with.

There is always 24 hours support and you can also call them which is a bonus if you are not how to explain the problem.